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  • March 28, 2018
  • September 07, 2017

"Lean in to the uncomfortable, with the intent to be kind"

Katie Hill has a genetic disorder that affects her movement and speech. Before she entered 7th grade this year, a friend helped them make this video to introduce Katie to hundreds of new students at her new middle school.   In this video, Katie is using the zuvo 12 Speech-Generating device.  

  • July 11, 2017

Congratulations to Landon Harthoorn, who was named the All-Iowa Inspiration Award winner for 2017!

SANBORN, Iowa | June 24 concluded a busy week -- and a championship year -- for Landon Harthoorn, of Sanborn. He joined his mother, Sue Harthoorn, and younger brother, Alex, in making the trip from Minneapolis to Des Moines, where Landon gave an acceptance speech before a few thousand people attending The Des Moines Register's All-Iowa Sports Awards at the...

  • June 20, 2017

Gary and his success with AAC!

Wonderful post from the support team at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services in South Dakota about communication, AAC and the success Gary is having with his Zuvo.....   Written by Gary's support team at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services in South Dakota.   Learn more about the Zuvo 12HD Speech Device  

  • June 15, 2017

Finding Cooper's Voice - An intimate look into the lives of one family, Autism and technology.

Hi All, We wanted to share this blog as a resource! It is written and maintained by "Kate" (mom of 7-year old Cooper with severe, nonverbal Autism).   Cooper's "talker" is the Wego 10A speech-generating device with Proloquo2Go. "A Speech Device scared me. I thought it would limit what little verbal communication my son had. I was scared that he would go silent. I...

Early Communication Development - Speech, Language, & Communication.

Early Communication Development - Speech, Language, & Communication. A presentation by Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. This 70-page PDF is an excellent A-Z resource for parents and professional Speech-Language Pathologists! Learn about the typical development of language in children 0-3. Strategies for promoting communication skills. Identifying common myths about AAC and when/how to introduce AAC strategies. Who...

  • April 25, 2017

The ALL NEW wegowrite speech-generating device.

Next generation type-to-talk. Predictable, effortless communication for literate users. Like a friend who can complete your sentences, the wegowrite with advanced word prediction drastically improves typing speed for effortless communication. Approved by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance programs. Learn more      

Speechless on ABC

Did you see this week's episode of the hit TV show "Speechless" on ABC? We provide similar speech devices and laser communication systems here at Talk To Me Technologies! Check out our high tech systems as well as our low-tech Pointello laser communication system.   Watch our devices in action    

  • February 16, 2017

As seen on KWWL News! "Cedar Falls teen uses device to communicate with her eyes"

KWWL's Amanda Gilbert visits with us and learns about the ECU capabilities of the eyespeak communication system. Amanda sat down with our AAC Consultant Wyatt Franken and learned how to control lights, TV and more using her eyes! She also visited the home of a wonderful family we've had the privilege of working with for the past few years. The Elser's 16-year old Kylie (diagnosed...

  • October 10, 2016

Former Hawkeye Basketball Star regains personality and ability to communicate through technology donated by a lifelong fan.

Former Hawkeye basketball star regains personality and ability to communicate through technology donated by a lifelong fan. Former Hawkeye basketball star Kenny Arnold has spent years fighting health issues which have limited his ability to communicate and dampened his outlook on life. After learning Arnold’s speech was impaired, Marty Gallagher (a lifelong fan) reached out because he wanted to help. Gallagher is...