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Happy Thanksgiving from TTMT!

Happy Thanksgiving from TTMT! Additional Resources

Here’s a treat from TTMT for AAC awareness month!

Here’s a treat from TTMT for AAC Awareness Month! October might be a bit scary, but communication doesn’t need to be! As much fun as this time of year can be to dress up in costume, attend parties, or go trick or treating, it may also be stressful for children with communication difficulties. Between the change in routines and often...

Meet Luka!

Meet Luka! This sweet and happy little man is rocking his wego device to help him better express himself. Since getting his wego, Luka has been able to show off his fun and funny personality while also getting many more of his daily needs met! He loves to use his wego to ask for his favorite snacks and his favorite...

It's AAC Awareness Month!

It's AAC Awareness Month! This month of October 2021, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) is celebrating AAC Awareness by focusing on the various forms of digital communication that have grown more familiar with us in a post-COViD world. Here at TTMT, we want to share some facts about AAC, provide resources to further your knowledge on...

zuvo 12 with eyespeak alli helps 19-year-old connect socially during COViD-19 lockdown

zuvo 12 with eyespeak alli helps 19-year-old connect socially during COViD-19 lockdown Client Jaycee Beal recently shared her praises on using her eyespeak speech device: "I am Jaycee Beal and I am a 19-year-old eyegaze user. I received my eyespeak device last year at the beginning of the lockdown. I was blessed to get my device because I got to...

  • July 06, 2021

Bea wants to play outside!

At TTMT, we often check in with our clients who have just received their speech devices to see how everyone is adapting to its use. When we asked Erin about about how her daughter Beatrix was adjusting to the new form of communication, Erin had this to say: “Things are going very well with the device. She has been using...

  • May 18, 2021

AAC in a minute - How to introduce eye tracking to a new AAC user: 5 steps to ensure a successful experience.

AAC in a minuteHow to introduce eye tracking to a new AAC user: 5 steps to ensure a successful experience.    Introducing eyegaze to a new AAC user comes down to 5 important details regarding device set up and positioning to ensure a successful experience.   Download the guide: Eye Tracking Positioning Tips Eye Tracking Positioning Tips (English)Eye Tracking Positioning Tips...

  • April 23, 2021

The zuvo family just got bigger: meet the all-new zuvo 16 speech-generating device!

Meet the all-new zuvo™ 16-D speech-generating device! Watch the overview View video transcript. Learn more about the zuvo 16-D speech-generating device

How to obtain funding for a communication board

What funding options are available for a communication board?   Apply for a funding grant! Submit a request for funding to your local school or a grant organization. Download a sample request letter Download communication board specification sheet Start a fundraising campaign! Get creative! Try hosting a 5k, working with your school's PTA, or setting up a campaign through a crowdfunding...

Deana Reed and her Speech-Generating Device

"ALS has broken my voice but not my spirit. I'm still me." Deana shares how her Speech-Generating Device has given her back her voice, helps her join in conversations more fully and stay connected. #ALS