Public Communication Boards

for parks, playgrounds, schools & more

  • TTMT Core + Fringe Communication boards were designed with inclusion in mind, providing easy, convenient access to the most common words used to communicate across multiple settings.
  • Created by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists and Vocabulary Design Specialists with 50+ years of combined experience working with AAC.
  • Logically categorized by their parts of speech, TTMT Core + Fringe Communication Boards inspire confidence while building skills to engage in conversation and enhance literacy.
  • Customize your board by changing up to any 10 images, and/or add your own logo or a logo of your sponsor. See product pages for details.
post mount communication board in a park
a-frame communication board in a gym
vinyl communication board on a chain link fence

For more information, email or call 877.392.2299 Option 5. Please note: Delivery may take up to 6 weeks following purchase.

Children using playground communication board

Core + Fringe Communication Board FAQs

We're here to help!

Scroll down to view some frequently asked questions, email our Customer Care Team at or call 877.392.2299 Option 5.

Do you provide posts for the post-mount boards?

It is usually more cost effective to purchase from your local hardware store, as opposed to shipping. We recommend working with your local maintenance crew. We do, however, offer brackets for mounting your communication board to the posts.

Are there any installation recommendations (e.g. height, etc.) to make these accessible to children and those in wheelchairs?

We recommend no higher than 28" from the ground. Also consider easy access for wheelchairs (i.e. is there a paved path as opposed to a rocky/grassy area?, etc).

Do you accept POs?

Yes! Please email your internal PO to (we are happy to provide a quote upon request.)

I'm working to raise money locally for these boards. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! There are many ways to fundraise. Contact us for more details.

Do you provide installation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide installation. We recommend working with your local maintenance crew.

How long does the material last outside?

As with all materials, if placing in direct sun, risk of fading over time is common. Consider mounting out of direct sunlight, and protect with a shade and/or UV acrylic panels.

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