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COVID-19 Measures

As healthcare providers, the health and safety of our customers and staff is our highest priority. Patient safety and quality of care are at the forefront of our standards and initiatives.

We want to let you know what we’re doing on our end to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff and provide you with a few things we hope may help make education easier.

Talk To Me Technologies follows the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC at all times Our procedures include the following, and more:

  • Infection Control and Reporting Protocols
    • Airborne and blood-borne pathogens for infectious/communicable diseases
    • Employee and client exposure monitoring
  • Universal Precautions
    • Home care/visits
    • Client services staff
    • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment
    • Hand hygiene
  • Emergency Preparedness and Management
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring risks

Talk To Me Technologies is accredited with the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Home Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing exceptional care. We continue to see uninterrupted superior customer service ratings. 

In addition to maintaining the health and safety measures outlined by the CDC and Joint Commission, we have implemented the following extra precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For Our Clients and Partner Clinics and SLPs

  • We continue to ask CDC-driven COVID-19 pre-screening questions, including paying close attention to our own medical status prior to and during each work-day.
  • We continue to provide client choices such as properly protected in-person appointments and remote-ready appointments. Contact your local AAC Consultant or for details.
  • We provide our speech-generating devices to schools and clinics at no cost for evaluation purposes with Clinic Loans.
  • We continue to follow CDC guidelines on proper use of PPE and disinfection of devices between visits or before packaging a new or trial device, protecting our clients and partner clinics.
  • We continue receiving uninterrupted superior customer service and clean claim count ratings from our clients and their funding sources.


    For more information, please contact our Corporate Compliance Officer.


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