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Help with funding is provided with TTMT360♥ speech-generating devices.

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"First, and probably most importantly, they advocated and argued with my insurance company for an unbelievable six months. With a condition that has no cure or treatment it becomes critical that one has positive partners in your life. Talk To Me Technologies provided that and no dollar amount can reflect the impact that they have had on my life."

- Darla Burns, eyespeak user

We understand insurance,
and we get it right.

Insurance rules change, but our success with getting devices covered is steady. We know exactly what it takes to obtain payment from sources like Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. 

We proudly boast a 97% clean claims rate, which means 97% of the time we get claims paid – the first time.

Compare this to the 44% industry average* and you'll understand why we feel our investment in research and efficiency puts us at the top of our game.



Talk To Me Technologies gets it; we know how frustrating it is to understand insurance enough to know what is and what isn't accurate, what qualifies and what doesn't, what actually applies to your specific case and what doesn't.  

You don't have time for this!  We do, and more... our company prioritizes time for staff research and continuous review of trends.  Because of this, we frequently know about changes in insurance rules even before our clients do and exactly how to get the truest picture of your specific coverage. This emphasis prevents surprising and frightening denials.  This emphasis isn't just good for you, but good for us:  top-heavy research and expertise means less time fighting preventable denials. 

We believe that doing things correctly the first time, paired with keeping you filled in along the way, is just good customer service.  We're honored that you believe in our products, and we reinforce your decision with our service.  As much as you have the perfect 'fit' with your new speech device, as much as you can depend on A+ Technical Support with our company, as much as you can depend on complete attention from our Trials can also depend on the highest tier of excellence from our Funding and Claims Departments.  

The emphasis on doing things correctly the first time is only realized by quality of staff work and the commitment to research and education.  How can you know these aren't just words:  find a company who can rival our most recent 97% clean claims rate and we'll go back to the drawing board.

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