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"Watch out world… Northern Hannah is here and she is going to be unstoppable! We were all crying at the opportunities updated technology is bringing for Han. Thank you so much... for helping Hannah be her sassy independent self ever since she was a child - we don’t take you for granted."

Wesley with his Wego 13A

"I could tell everyone I had contact with at TTMT actually cared about their customers. A week after my permanent device arrived there was a follow-up by the local TTMT Representative to answer any questions, resolve any issues (there were none), and to give some pointers for ease of use... Based on my personal experience I am confident you will be pleased if you contact TTMT."

It means the world to us that Reed was able to find his voice! I get emotional just thinking how far he has come and what a magnificent gift this device has been to our family. Even his big brother, Parker, models everything with him on it and I can hear him say, "Can you show me on your talker?"

TTMT did an amazing job getting all of the documentation needed from our doctor and SLP, in order to submit for the pre-authorization on our behalf. Everyone that we spoke with was very kind and willing to help.

Jimmy using his wego 10A

"We were delighted for the opportunity to explore AAC technology with our son Jimmy to help him develop his communication skills. It has long since been discussed as an opportunity with his SLPs, but this was the first time that we were able to take a device home and explore with him.

Our consultant Hillary was very knowledgeable and engaged with James right away during our initial consultation which made the process seem more fulfilling. I loved seeing him smiling and eager to participate. We were also grateful to receive provided lesson plans that encouraged us to work with him and his trial device at home. Since this technology is very new to me, having these resources were super valuable.

I definitely recommend Talk To Me Technologies and specifically their loan program for any parent interested in exploring AAC with their child."

Joe Smith is a USA veteran living with ALS. In this video, Joe introduces himself and explains how he can hear and understand everything that is being said. Joe 'speaks' with his eyes. Using an eye-tracking camera attached to a speech-generating device, he is able to 'speak' words and phrases by looking at an on-screen keyboard.

"ALS has broken my voice, but not my spirit." Deana shares how her Speech-Generating Device has given her back her voice, helps her join in conversations more fully and stay connected.

"Join Naomi of Talk to Me Technologies and I as we chat about assistive technology and its benefits! If you have questions about obtaining a device or just want to learn more, click here:
Thank you Talk To Me Technologies for educating so many of us on giving our family members a voice!"

With cerebral palsy (CP), it is difficult for Audrey to speak and hold objects with her hands. With the help of her mom and her speech device with eye-tracking, she is not only participating in this activity, she's the BOSS! Mom (Kate) and twin sister (Maddie) engage Audrey by using a combination of techniques, including sign language and “modeling” (using the speech device to demonstrate communication to Audrey).

Audrey’s speech device is equipped with eye-tracking, which follows her movements and allows her to “select” buttons on her screen by blinking when she looks at the button she wants to “click.” Her device is personalized with custom vocabulary, which is pre-loaded with all of the words needed to participate in this activity, like "measure, mix, pour, and bake."

Richard is a U.S.A. Veteran who lost the ability to use his voice effectively as a result of a car accident. He communicates with the Wego speech device on a daily basis. Whether he's providing instructions to others, making a phone call or having a casual conversation, with his Wego, his voice is confident!

In honor of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, we are thrilled to share a TTMT spotlight interview with Tiffany Goodchild, as she shares her experiences as an advocate for cerebral palsy and parent to a beautiful little boy named Karter. (KourageousKarter)

Monty uses his device to enhance his understanding of communication while singing the song "Old McDonald Had a Farm" with his mom.

"I am Jaycee Beal and I am a 19-year-old eyegaze user. I received my eyespeak device last year at the beginning of the lockdown. I was blessed to get my device because I got to access my online school so much easier, and I could stay in touch with people who I couldn't see in person. I had so many different types of devices over the years, but this one works wonders for me. I can use my device to communicate using the Grid program, write emails, compose documents, and access my social media. My favorite part of what I can do on my device is send text messages within the Grid and talk on the phone through my device."

Humor, wit (and pushing his wife's buttons) are a few of the traits that make Ralph (a USA Veteran) who he is. Watch how he uses the Wego 10W to make his wife laugh - the same way he did before ALS took away his ability to speak.

This sweet and happy little man is rocking his Wego A speech device to help him better express himself. Since getting his Wego, Luka has been able to show off his fun and funny personality while also getting many more of his daily needs met! He loves to use his Wego to ask for his favorite snacks and his favorite show Corey Carson!

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