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This is Reed. He was born at 27 weeks, and he's had delays since birth. Reed was struggling with his behavior, and we quickly noticed a huge part of it was because he was non-verbal and unable to communicate. So, we started to teach him ASL (American Sign Language) as his first line of communication. He did well, but we only knew so much, and it took time to learn and teach each sign to not only him, but to his big brother and his dad. We transitioned to a PEC (Picture Exchange Communication) system, which he caught on quickly and it was a huge success. Instead of dragging us into a room and us trying to guess what he wanted, he was able to show us by picking out the picture from our homemade PECS book. We tried to model the words as much as possible for him, but it just wasn't enough. So, after linking up with an amazing SLP, we started the process of trialing different AAC devices and programs. I have to say I was a bit nervous that we were asking too much from him since he just turned 3 and was non-verbal. My husband was worried that the device would take his voice instead of giving him one. Boy, were we wrong!! This device not only gave Reed his voice, but it helps us understand his wants and needs so much easier.  


After observing Reed with his device, we started to hear him make these noises as he touched the buttons, turns out he was REPEATING the words!!  We were blown away!  We accept all forms of communication in our house, but he uses his device more than anything.  We are SO grateful for our Wego 7A-D. It comes in handy more than anyone can realize. He can start a conversation with it and tell us what he needs. But the thing I love most is that when he tries to use his vocal voice and we are having a hard time figuring out what he is saying, we just simply say "Can you show me on your talker?" He goes right over and easily navigates what he wants and tells us what he is saying. It's unbelievable to witness!


Reed needed something that was easy to hold, but most importantly durable, because Reed is a rough kid. The Wego 7A-D is my favorite device hands down for many reasons. 


I love the handle and how it lays down when not being used which makes it more compact, the case is thick, and the stand is flexible. We wanted Reed to be able to do everything himself and this stand is so easy to open and angle it however he needs. It is the sturdiest one that I have seen. Other stands we tried were difficult to open as an adult so we knew that he would struggle to open it himself.  


Another great thing is that the speaker is [detached] so I can have it in the front seat with me while in the car or even in a different room and he can still talk to me. Being a kid with sensitivity issues, the detachable speaker is key! He can communicate loud enough for us to hear, and it won't hurt his ears since it is detached or on Bluetooth. 


I absolutely LOVE how it can be personalized to the specific user. It is so easy to just add your own pictures and really make it their own. There have been occasions that the specific word we are looking for is not in the device so I could add it on the spot, and he was able to communicate and decide right there. He is at the point now where if he gets a new toy, sees a new movie or we come across something that is not in it HE requests that I add it to his device and I let him pick what picture/graphic/icon he would like to use for it. 


Having our Wego 7A-D is life-changing and I don't use that phrase lightly. It means the world to us that Reed was able to find his voice!


I get emotional just thinking how far he has come and what a magnificent gift this device has been to our family. Even his big brother Parker models everything with him on it and I can hear him say "Can you show me on your talker?" So grateful the boys have the Wego 7A-D to help communicate with each other.  


TTMT did an amazing job getting all the documentation needed from our doctor and SLP, in order to submit for the pre-authorization on our behalf. Everyone that we spoke with was very kind and willing to help. 


We are forever grateful and will recommend TTMT & the Wego 7A-D to everyone!! AAC Advocates for life! 


 -Sherree Tucker

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