We appreciate TTMT's Employees!

For Employee Appreciation Day, there is a lot to say about the staff here at TTMT.  Our combined efforts to advocate and provide AAC technology to communicators is a shared mission that drives our actions and hearts.  We are so proud of the staff and their commitment to that mission.  Below are a few kind words from some of our Management Team.

"Our staff inspire us every day and our clients benefit from that inspiration. The decisions we make are driven by client-care and we rely on those closest to that work, our staff, to advocate on behalf of our clients with foresight and passion. We are grateful for our talented and driven teams!"

- From our Owners

I’ll share that it is obvious that TTMT employees have their heart in the work that they do for our clients every day.  It’s evidenced in their attention to detail, their commitment to learning and growing, and their dedication to the end result.  It’s really special what we have here at TTMT – and it has everything to do with the people doing the work.  Kindness, grace, pride, and commitment run deep. Grateful for this team. 

- From Crystal

Our employees are living our mission day in and out, working relentlessly to help our clients obtain a voice! You can see the compassion, care, and dedication to everyone we serve in each and every corner of this business, and it’s because of the people who make up TTMT!

- From Jordan

Our employees are one of the main reasons I come to work every day. They are incredible human beings who work so hard to get our clients a voice and do so as quickly as possible. I am very proud of every single one of the people we work with at TTMT.

-From Kristen

Thanks again to all of our employees at TTMT, we love you all.  Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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