new device skins
By popular demand, we have made some brand new skins for our communication devices!
sharks skin
Young or old, everybody loves sharks! They've been swimming our oceans for hundreds of millions of years, and now they're splashing right into this JAW-some skin design! Enjoy the illustrious marine style and detailed renderings of these mysterious creatures of the deep.


dinos skin
Who doesn't love dinosaurs?! This new device skin features charming, colorful dinosaur illustrations. Whether you're a fan of the Stegosaurus or Tyrannosaurus Rex, this is the perfect skin for enthusiasts of these prehistoric creatures. 


kitties skin
Animal lovers can now have a skin featuring dogs or cats! This skin is cat-centric for feline-lovers. It features stylistic cat illustrations in front of a cute, cat-themed background.


dogs skin
If you favor dogs, this skin is for you! This adorable skin has dog portrait illustrations of different breeds in a delightful canine-themed pattern.


vehicles skin
We have had a frequent demand for a device skin featuring cars and vehicles, and we heard you and it's finally here! This design features a fun pattern of several different vehicles--cars, trucks, motorcycles--that will delight anyone who is a fan of things that go!



We also updated the design for our Princess skin--now our PRINCESSES skin!
princesses skin

Check out the entire skin catalog here! 

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