You can do so much more with Grid 3, the next generation of AAC software from Smartbox.

There are new tools and features to make saying what you want, accessing your computer and controlling your environment easier than ever before.

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First of its kind.

After years of research and development, Grid 3 raises the bar for assistive technology. There are new ways to do everything, from symbolized email and SMS to Chat History and SwiftKey technology that make saying what you want to say quicker and easier than ever before.


Easy editing.

Creating and personalizing resources in Grid 3 is so simple and intuitive. You can achieve everything within only a few clicks and it is quicker than ever to make changes on the go using the touch-friendly interface.


Grid sets for everything.

Grid 3 is a complete solution that is designed to work for everyone. The software is split into six areas that provide all the tools you need, from symbol and text communication to computer and environmental control.


Apps for everyone.

Accessible apps in Grid 3 enable you to browse the web, use social media and so much more. There are Grid sets for everything, from making a quick phone call, sending a text or emailing a photo, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends.


Interactive Learning.

A completely new concept in AAC software, with our Interactive Learning resources you can choose from 25 exciting, animated activities that enable you to learn through exploration and play.


Access in Grid 3.

Grid 3 has been designed to be controlled using any type of alternative access. The options are comprehensive and intuitive. From pointing devices to touch screens, eye gaze to switches, Grid 3 has innovative new features that make alternative access easier and more effective.


Remote editing.

Our new cloud service means that anyone can login and edit your Grid sets from anywhere. You don’t even need a license for Grid 3 to use our brilliant new Remote Editing service.

Available Grid Sets


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Fast Talker 3

zuvo 16 with Fast Talker 3 on screen


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Super Core

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Symbol Talker vocabularies

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Vocabulary For Life

wego 13A with vocabulary for life on screen
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Videos and Training Resources

Video tutorials