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zuvo 12 with eyespeak alli helps 19-year-old connect socially during COViD-19 lockdown

Client Jaycee Beal recently shared her praises on using her eyespeak speech device:

"I am Jaycee Beal and I am a 19-year-old eyegaze user. I received my eyespeak device last year at the beginning of the lockdown. I was blessed to get my device because I got to access my online school so much easier, and I could stay in touch with people who I couldn't see in person. I had so many different types of devices over the years, but this one works wonders for me. I can use my device to communicate using the Grid program, write emails, compose documents, and access my social media. My favorite part of what I can do on my device is send text messages within the Grid and talk on the phone through my device."

Thank you Jaycee, and we're glad we could help you stay connected and communicating during a trying time!

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