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At TTMT, our passion for helping others fuels us to achieving our mission, ‘to hear our client’s ‘talking’ as quickly as possible with the use of a speech generating device that best suits their needs.’ Our business by nature is continuously evolving with new technologies and adapting with the needs of our clients. While our team is focused on supporting our clients, we as an employer are focused on prioritizing our staff. By supporting their needs for flexible work arrangements and providing opportunities for development, we aim to help them meet their personal and professional goals.

While regular training is needed to meet the base needs of any organization, the additional professional development we are providing is to look to the future growth of the company and each employee. The purpose of professional development is to give individuals the opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and further their career. Professional development opens up new possibilities, strategies, knowledge, and skill areas.

Starting during the last quarter of 2021, we started a Professional Development Series of training for our leadership team. This training has focused on improving soft skills, like emotional intelligence and empathy, as well as building resilience. We approach these development sessions as an opportunity to improve as individuals and we discuss what we can take back to our teams to improve the whole of our organization.

We look forward to continuing this development series in 2022 with our Leadership team and offering these sessions to our individual departments as well. Prioritizing our staff and helping them develop best serves our clients, our team members, and our organization. Together we continue to grow so we can support our clients with top notch quality, communication, and support.

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