zuvo 12-D speech generating device with eyespeak on counter

FLEXstand™ and mount plate | Built-in Eye-tracking, Environmental Controls and Switch Access |

| 5.2 lbs. | TTMT Dual Power Banks™ for endless communication* |

front and back of zuvo 12 with eyespeak

Features Include

  1. Carrying handle
  2. Rounded corners
  3. zuvo control ECU (environmental control unit)
  4. Detachable TTMT Bluetooth speaker (SPKR) Range of 30' | Can be worn on the lanyard included
  5. Freestanding.
    Use with or without a mount
  6. Mount plate
  7. FLEXstand (flexible kickstand)
  8. Personalization options
    Show off your personality and protect your speech device

Ready for everything you want to say and do.

Speak with your family, friends or your dog. Control your lights and TV too.

Whether you’re a young learner, a tech whiz or somewhere in between - your device will speak your kind of language. At the heart of the speech-generating device, GRID 3 communication software powers the widest range of vocabulary and access options available.

AAC vocabulary options


Everything you need to begin teaching and learning language is included. Exclusive vocabulary, like Our Universal Core and QuickStep suites are research based and field tested with early communicators, speech therapists and families.

Layouts are intuitive and easy to edit. Pair vocabulary with our lesson plans (or yours) to spend less time preparing and more time teaching.

smiling child with zuvo 12-D speech generating device with eyespeak and flexstand

Beyond Speech
zuvo 12 PLUS**

living room with a chair, lamp, fan, bookshelf, and tv
With zuvo Control ECU, you can use your eyes to control your phone, TV, lights and more from your device. Almost anything that plugs into a wall outlet can be controlled with the zuvo 12 PLUS with eyespeak. You can also control your smart speaker right from the device.

Listen to music, add to your story on Instagram and Facebook, browse the Washington Post, or write your own book and publish it.zuvo plus options


When you’re out and about without your mount, you can find the “just right angle” with the built-in FLEXstand. Just nudge it up or down to locate the perfect position from hundreds of possibilities.

zuvo 12-D speech generating device with eyespeak

Power for Days.

TTMT Dual PowerBanks™ keep you in charge of your speech 24/7. Keep one at home, send one to school or work. Or tuck both in your backpack for a road trip. Endless communication with one PowerBank charging while the other powers the device.
TTMT dual powerbanks

Voice and Message Banking

It's easy to personalize your speech-generating device using your own recorded messages for your future communication needs. You can also create your own new, synthesized voice through multiple recordings collected over time. 

We support your efforts with seamless integration of your banked messages and/or your new synthesized voice. If you’ve invested the time and care in recording, we will invest the time to personalize and customize your device with your messages and voice. In addition, we’ll provide you with guidance and instructions on banking more messages within your new speech-generating device. Compatible with voices created with popular voice/message banking software Model Talker, My-Own-Voice and more!

Voice and message banking

TTMT 360 logo

Service & Support

All the support, training and guidance you need to begin speaking as quickly as possible.

eye tracking icon


eyespeak eye-tracking camera included. Use one or both eyes.

Accessibility Options icon

Alternate Access

Touch & switch
scanning ready.

Warranty icon


The best in the business!
We've got you covered with our
all-inclusive 3-year warranty.+

Vocabulary/page set options icon

Page Set Options

Powered by Grid 3, choices include: AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, and TTMT Proprietary Vocabulary/Page Sets: OnWord, UniversalCore, Zoom, QuickStep, QuickStep CVI/VI and more!

Natural sounding voices icon

Sounding Voices

Express yourself with the most natural sounding voices available!
Ask us about voice and message banking options and learn how easy it is to apply an individuals own voice to the device!

Sound icon


Be heard! Detachable, Bluetooth TTMT speaker (SPKR) can be worn on the lanyard included or permanently attached. Range of up to 30 feet.

Camera icon


Snap a photo using the on-board front/rear camera! Personalize with your own custom photos for communication!

Mounting icon


FLEXstand included. Custom wheelchair, table and floor stands available.

personalization icon


Show off your personality with one of our amazing skins and your own personal messages so you can begin communicating right away!

Word Prediction icon

Word Prediction

Speed up communication with advanced word, grammar and symbol prediction! Intelligent word prediction is self-learning and becomes more accurate over time based on the individual’s communication history.

Symbol libraries icon

Symbol Libraries

SymbolStix®, PCS,
Widget & Snaps.

Personalization Options

For both children and adults.
Show off your personality and protect your speech device with one of our amazing skins!

See the options 

Custom skins

Simple yet Powerful

Say what you want – using your eyes! Communicate with speed and confidence using this easy-to-use, speech-generating device! The high definition display provides stunning clarity and brightness for optimum visibility. Sleek and sophisticated technology.


Lightweight and Flexible

The zuvo 12-D with eyespeak is extremely flexible and supports a wide range of access methods, communication skills and abilities for both kids and adults alike. With amazing, natural-sounding voices, users can be assured they are communicating with the best voices available. The lightweight and portable design enables adaptability and flexibility across communication environments. The zuvo 12-D with eyespeak can be used with the FLEXstand, or easily mounted to a wheelchair, desk or over a bed. Also, features many different access method options such as eye-tracking (included), head-tracking, trackball, one and two switch scanning, making it a great solution for users with difficulty accessing the touch screen.


Who is the zuvo 12-D with eyespeak for?

The zuvo 12-D with eyespeak was designed to enhance the quality of life for people with communication and physical disabilities. It's an ideal communication device for adults and children affected by ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), cerebral palsy, rett syndrome, locked-in-syndrome, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury and many other similar conditions.

Communicate with ease using an extensive collection of communication options.  These options range from very simple, symbol-based vocabulary sets to more advanced keyboards, incorporating word and phrase prediction, as well as core word and phrase-based pages. Much of the vocabulary content draws from and incorporates the research of TTMT professionals and other industry experts.



  1. Loud, powerful voice output makes it easy to be heard in noisy environments.
  2. Natural sounding male, female and child voice options.
  3. Digitized (recorded speech) – great for voice banking and verbal emoticons such as laughter, and other personal expressions. (Record many hours of digitized messages and sounds.)

Features and Available Options

  1. Windows operating system
  2. Eye controlled – extreme precision, accuracy and motion tolerant using next generation hybrid eye/head tracking technology.
    a. 1-16 point calibration
    b. Binocular & monocular tracking
  3. Easy to see, bright display.
  4. Adjustable font/symbol size.
  5. Advanced, intelligent word prediction option – enables faster typing/communication.
  6. Abbreviation expansion option enables faster communication.
  7. Easy backup/restore.


  1. Head tracking.
  2. Wide variety of switch access/joystick options.
  3. Auditory prompting.
  4. Visual feedback/highlight.
  5. Auditory scanning.
  6. Auditory fishing.
  7. ECU (Home and Smart Speaker Control).
  8. Mounting.
  9. Custom keyguards available.

Getting Started

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Speak to a Speech-Language Pathologist /
AAC Consultant in your area.

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*Estimated, average battery life. Individual use varies. Excludes external speaker and keyboard, if applicable. **Speech-Generating Devices may be ordered with -D (dedicated/locked) or -PLUS (unlocked) designations. -D devices meet the E2510 guidelines of most insurance programs and are dedicated for communication purposes only. -PLUS devices provide access to additional features including email and phone/text, internet, environmental controls and more. 3rd party electronic devices and subscriptions are not included. -D devices may be unlocked following purchase for a small fee. Contact us for more details. 1Contact us for complete details on warranty coverage. Grid 3, AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, SymbolStix, Widget, PCS, Snaps, Windows, Acapela, Nuance, RealSpeak and Cereproc are copyright of their respective owners. SymbolStix®, Copyright 2020, SymbolStix, LLC. All rights reserved.

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