Talk Pad 8 & 10 Wego Edition AAC devices

This is our most durable and versatile communication device yet. The Talk Pad: Wego Edition is for anyone who needs purpose-built AAC on-the-go.

Enjoy a selection of new and improved accessibility features designed so your voice is always with you. Choose from the 8-inch or 10-inch screen size and various skins to show off your personality!

Talk Pad: Wego Edition is available exclusively from Talk To Me Technologies, part of the Smartbox Family. Find out more about our partnership and explore Talk Pad: Wego Edition below. 

Talk Pad communicator with a loved one

Accessibility in mind

The Talk Pad: Wego Edition has oversized and tactile blue power and volume buttons. These features make it easier to take full control of your device. We’ve also added LED indicators with audio confirmation to let you know when switches are activated and when your battery is charging.

Talk Pad communicator with wheelchair accessibile mount


Whether you’re using our next-gen communication aid at home, school, work or on-the-go, it’s ready for the inevitable knocks and bumps of everyday life. Talk Pad is IP22 rated, comes fitted with a screen protector and is drop tested to 1m.

Talk Pad used on a table

Versatile positioning

The rubberized adjustable stand is perfect for changing position and accessing the screen at any angle. Use your Talk Pad in the way that works for you, including on a flat surface, to comfortably access communication.


Watch our video for your introduction to
the new Talk Pad: Wego Edition

Introduction video of the Talk Pad

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