Part of the funding team standing in front of an unloaded truck smiling

Members from the TTMT team recently lent a hand at Cedar Valley Hospice! Some of our team members shared their volunteering experience: 



The Funding Department spent time volunteering for Cedar Valley Hospice for an auction/fundraiser that they held. My team helped load auction items from vans and trucks into the event center for the fundraiser. The Cedar Valley Hospice team were nice, inviting, and a blast to work with! Our team enjoyed helping them and look forward to working with them again in the future. Appreciate that Talk To Me Technologies has opportunities for us to help our community in many ways.

TTMT employees unloading items from a truck


For several years, Talk To Me Technologies has been volunteering with Cedar Valley Hospice. This year, Cedar Valley Hospice needed help with loading and unloading items to set up for their Margarita Nights fundraiser at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cedar Falls. This time around the funding team was selected to volunteer. We are a department of 24, so our teams to volunteer were split by whose team lead the funding specialists were a part of. My group helped unload the equipment and decorations after the event. Many hands made light work – and we were able to finish in under and hour. Decorations and equipment were put away in their spot in the Cedar Valley Hospice’s storage room. We even had time to take apart some additional decorations – such as the extra palm trees and organize those materials buy its parts. This volunteer opportunity was a great way for TTMT to give back and for our team to build our communication skills with each other.

TTMT employee moving a bin of items on a cart
TTMT employee unloading a box from a truck


I LOVED our experience volunteering with Cedar Valley Hospice. It was such a fun team building experience. We were able to focus on each other’s strengths. Carly and Anna volunteered as the “Tetris players” to organize how to load the truck in the most efficient way possible. The rest of us took turns loading and unloading, trying to beat the impending rain/dark storm clouds. To be able to give back to an organization that does SO much for our community felt really meaningful. Has anyone ever volunteered and not felt better after that experience? Suzanne (I believe her title is community outreach?) just kept thanking us over and over. Everyone there was SO friendly and appreciative of our help. TTMT is always supported by our community, it felt nice to do our part and support someone else. One of our team mates even shared their musical skill and asked if they ever needed volunteers, thus continuing to contribute back to that community giving. We all went out for ice cream at Four Queens. It was nice to have some down time, laugh and be silly. The one thing about TTMT is we work really hard but we also play hard.

TTMT employees at the Cedar Valley Hospice posing and smiling after setting up for the auction

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