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Client videos - speech-generating devices in action


Cooper and his Wego A
( From the blog "Finding Coopers Voice")

Joe Smith


Madden and his wego 7A



New confidence for Rich.

Will advocates for his future ..."I want a job."

Lydia Dawley uses her eyespeak system to present to SCI CAN.

Joanne speaks with her eyes.

Ray accepts the 2015 Better Hearing and Speech Award.

Trevor demonstrates switch-scanning (an alternate access method).

What our clients are saying...

Their level of customer service in this day and age is rare.

by Darla Burns, eyespeak user and author,
Riding Sideways: my journey with ALS.

"It was difficult enough to deal with a life altering and, ultimately, life ending condition but it would have been quite unthinkable to do so without equipment that allowed me to maintain quality of life. Their IntelliGaze (now the eyespeak) not only provided tools for communication, it helped me maintain my sanity by providing ways for me to stay connected to the world, ways for me to contribute, ways for me to interact with my environment and, yes even entertainment. But none of this would have been possible without Talk To Me Technologies and their remarkable support. First, and probably most importantly, they advocated and argued with my insurance company for in unbelievable six months. What was even more unbelievable was the technical support they provided. They always respond to questions and in timely and thorough ways. They were such a great partner that I was even able to write and publish a small book. Their level of customer service in this day and age is rare. With a condition that has no cure or treatment it becomes critical that one has positive partners in your life. Talk to me Technologies provided that and no dollar amount can reflect the impact that they have had on my life."

I've named her Emma! She's like a new best friend and goes everywhere I go!

by Deb Arguello, Zuvo user

"Talk To Me Technologies took the time to understand my communication needs so that I could learn to communicate more easily with others. I love my Talk To Me Technologies speech device and in fact, I've named her Emma! She's like a new best friend and goes everywhere I go!"user

Speech-Language Pathologist testimonials

I feel well supported by their entire team.

by Alison Pierce, Speech-Language Pathologist

"Serving as an SLP in a small rural medical facility, I really appreciate that Talk To Me Technologies' devices, support and services are equally available to my patients and me. Evaluating and pursuing an AAC device with a patient can be a daunting task and this is why I am so thankful that I have access to the expertise of Talk To Me Technologies. I feel well supported by their entire team as a ready resource that my patients and I can rely on from start to finish."

He is learning that communication has value.

by Jan Wanke, Speech-Language Pathologist

"Now that he has the Wego, he is learning that communication has value and can assist him throughout his day expressing his wants, needs, and accomplishing academic tasks that otherwise would be difficult. The negative behaviors that were once his tool for communication and expressing his wants/needs are no longer needed as the device provides a new avenue to obtain the same goals."