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zuvo 10, 12 and 18

Fast, Smart, Effortless Communication.


zuvo 10

To celebrate the release of our all new, sleek and powerful zuvo 10, we're giving TWO away! Enter for your chance to win.

zuvo 12

A lightweight device
for communication on the go.

zuvo 18

 For those who prefer
an extra-large screen.

Designed to adapt to you, not the other way around – the zuvo family
of speech-generating devices offers more ways to communicate than ever before.

Take control of your speech with the widest variety of access options available – keyguards, head mouse, switch scanning, eye tracking or auditory scanning and auditory fishing. You can even use the zuvo-PLUS to perform smart home functions such as controlling your TV, DVD, stereo, lights, etc. in your home. It's easy to stay connected with family and friends using built-in controls for texting, mobile phone, email, social media and more!

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Speak to a Speech-Language Pathologist / AAC Consultant in your area.

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Explore your funding options through 
Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance.

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