Show off your personality and protect your speech device with one of our exclusive device skins

Specially designed for the communicator

Skins are custom printed to feature each design on different versions of our communication devices. Our marketing department has researched and curated an extensive gallery of options that can speak to a range of different communicators' personalities. Some recent editions include adorable character artwork that we lay out custom for each device model and all of the additional technology that may be included on your device.

Wego 13A with Ollie Octopus skin
Wego 13A with yellow skin
Wego 13A with cheetah skin
Wego 13A with flowers skin
Wego 13A with Rappin Hippo skin

Skin Gallery

bubblegum pink skin bubblegum pink skin

Bubblegum Pink

canary yellow skin canary yellow skin

Canary Yellow

candy apple red skin candy apple red skin

Candy Apple Red

carbon fiber skin carbon fiber skin

Carbon Fiber

cheetah skin cheetah skin


cobalt blue skin cobalt blue skin

Cobalt Blue

crazy game land skin crazy game land skin

Crazy Game Land

dino skin dino skin


donut skin donut skin


farm animals skin farm animals skin

Farm Animals

flowers skin flowers skin


green camo skin green camo skin

Green Camo

happy insects skin happy insects skin

Happy Insects

happy penguins happy penguins

Happy Penguins

jungle animals skin jungle animals skin

Jungle Animals

karate kids skin karate kids skin

Karate Kids

cats skin cats skin


machine grey skin machine grey skin

Machine Grey

mint green skin mint green skin

Mint Green

military salute skin military salute skin

Military Salute

ocean skin ocean skin


Ollie octopus skin Ollie octopus skin

Ollie Octopus

pink camo skin pink camo skin

Pink Camo

plants skin plants skin


little princesses skin little princesses skin

Little Princesses

dogs skin dogs skin


rappin hippo skin rappin hippo skin

Hip Hop-otamus

royal purple skin royal purple skin

Royal Purple

sharks skin sharks skin


sky blue skin sky blue skin

Sky Blue

sports skin sports skin


statue of liberty skin statue of liberty skin

Statue of Liberty

superheroes skin superheroes skin


tangerine orange skin tangerine orange skin

Tangerine Orange

tiger skin tiger skin


vehicles skin vehicles skin