Introducing eyetracking to new users

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How to introduce eye tracking to a new AAC user:
5 steps to ensure a successful experience. 


Introducing eyegaze to a new AAC user comes down to 5 important details regarding device set up and positioning to ensure a successful experience.

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AAC Consultant featured on page
Bruce Fleming
AAC Consultant
Talk To Me Technologies

Bruce graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and obtained graduate certificates in Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology from San Francisco State University and Technical Communications from De Anza College. In his career spanning 25 years in Assistive Technology, he’s worked in inter-disciplinary teams at the Rehabilitation Engineering Center at Stanford, in Palo Alto; CART at Rancho Los Amigos, in Los Angeles; and UCP’s San Diego Assistive Technology Center. He also worked as an AAC consultant in the field for eight years prior to joining Talk To Me Technologies in 2016. Bruce has extensive experience in orthotic and prosthetics, custom wheelchair seating, alternative access to computers and AAC, and speech device mounting. As an AAC Consultant for TTMT, Bruce is a trusted resource to assist in assessment, training, and implementation of augmentative and alternative communication and related technology.

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