Cooper with their wego 10A speech device

Hi All,

We wanted to share this blog as a resource! It is written and maintained by "Kate" (mom of 7-year old Cooper with severe, nonverbal Autism).  

Cooper's "talker" is the Wego 10A speech-generating device with Proloquo2Go.

"A Speech Device scared me. I thought it would limit what little verbal communication my son had. I was scared that he would go silent. I was scared he’d get teased. And honestly, I was worried to try something new and fail.
If you have a kiddo who is nonverbal or has limited communication I am sure you have heard about Talking Devices, Speech Devices, or Assistive Technology. And if you are new to the world of Autism it can all seem a little bit scary and overwhelming. When Cooper was 3 we had a speech therapist recommend trying a talking device. My first reaction was absolutely not.
At that time I was still wrapping my brain around the idea of my son not speaking. The term nonverbal autism was one I hadn’t heard before. I was sad and scared and a whole other bunch of emotions mixed in. I kept telling myself if we held out a little bit longer he would start talking"

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