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TTMT Consultant and Family

What is Talk To Me Technologies?

Talk To Me Technologies provides a type of assistive technology known as a “Speech-Generating Device” that allows people to ‘speak’ in a synthesized voice. Our technology helps children and adults of all ages with communication differences due to diagnoses like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, stroke and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

High Tech Speech-Generating Devices

High Tech Speech-Generating Devices

Our extensive line of dedicated devices are approved for funding through Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance programs. We also offer a line of -PLUS models that can perform smart home functions such as controlling TVs, DVD, stereo, bed, lights and more.

Connecting through school districts, medical clinics, veteran care facilities and individual family requests, Talk To Me Technologies’ team of speech-language pathologists and AAC Consultants work with each individual’s team to help assess their needs and goals before pairing clients with their own personalized system. To get started, connect with an AAC Consultant serving your area.

Low Tech Communication Options

Low Tech Communication Options

Our line of low-tech options are a great compliment to a speech device, or can be used by those just beginning to explore alternate methods of communication.  Created by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists and Vocabulary Design Specialists with 50+ years of combined experience working with AAC.

Printable Communication Boards

Printable 8.5 x 11 Communication Boards
Each board features a different theme, topic or activity. These can be printed and laminated for additional durability!
A Frame Communication Board

Communication Boards for Parks, Playgrounds, Schools and More
Many different materials and sizes are available for indoor and outdoor use.
Pointello Headset

Pointello laser-wireless low-tech communication system
Pointello provides a quick and easy way to communicate medical requests, basic needs and common words and phrases, utilizing a wireless laser and a wall-board.