Zuvo™ 12

Why Choose the Zuvo 12? 

Smarter, faster communication with more access options, advanced word prediction and easy-to-edit vocabulary/page set options. Perfect at home, school, on the road, or in a medical environment, the Zuvo 12 speech device is among the most powerful and flexible communication devices available!

The Zuvo 12 fundable through Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance plans. These models are dedicated devices and do not permit access to features other than communication.

Zuvo 12 Device Specifications

  • 12-inch display
  • 3.8 lbs
  • Powerful and portable TTMT Bluetooth Speaker with a range of up to 30'
  • Optional TTMT Speaker permanently affixed
  • Up to 7.5 hours of battery life**
  • Custom keyguards available***
  • Adjustable stand for flexible positioning

Eye Gaze Options

Eye gaze cameras are designed to enhance the quality of life for people with communication and physical disabilities. They are ideal communication solutions for adults and children affected by ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, locked-in-syndrome, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury and many other similar conditions.

Zuvo 12 PLUS

zuvo ECU controls

Do more independently with our most advanced technology yet!^^
Listen to music, access the internet to add to your story on Instagram and Facebook, watch a movie on Netflix, browse the Washington Post, or write your own book and publish it (like Darla Burns; Author of Riding Sideways, My Journey With ALS).

Look™ Series of Software

Look family of software

TTMT is proud to offer the Look family of software, developed by Smartbox. This software is loaded directly onto every client’s trial and purchased device. The communicator may immerse themselves in a range of fun games and puzzles, get creative with art and music activities, unwind with a selection of mindfulness exercises or engage with social stories to develop skills. These activities are intended to improve the communicator’s accuracy and ease of use with their eye gaze system.

Ability Drive Compatible

Zuvo 12 with Ability Drive
Ability Drive icon

Ability Drive

(by Tolt Technologies)

Talk To Me Technologies and Tolt Technologies are teaming up to provide more independence for our customers with limited motor ability. This cutting edge software pairs with our eye gaze systems to provide onscreen controls for your wheelchair.

zuvo 12 speech-generating device

Funding through Medicare, Medicaid, and most private Insurance programs^

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SLPs, we're here to help with vocabulary, access options and more!

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Simple yet powerful

Communicate quickly and confidently with this easy-to-use, speech-generating device. Choose from a variety of customizable vocabulary options. Alternative access methods and keygaurds are available on the Zuvo. We offer a powerful TTMT Speaker that is permanently affixed to the communication device as well as a portable speaker that can be worn on the included lanyard for face-to-face communication.

Portable and flexible

Take the Zuvo 12 anywhere! It's lightweight, durable and portable. Carry it in your bag when you're on the go or mount it to a wheelchair. It is compatible with many different access methods such as head tracking and one and two switch scanning making it a great solution for those needing an alternative to touch screen access.

Who is the Zuvo 12 for?

The Zuvo 12 provides an ideal communication solution for children and adults with significant communication needs resulting from autism, stroke, brain injury, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, Down syndrome, developmental delays and others.


  • Natural sounding, synthesized, male, female, adult and child voice options
  • Multiple languages available
  • Adjustable volume makes it easily heard in noisy environments

Features and Available Options

  • Windows operating system
  • Lightweight – only 3.8 lbs
  • Easy to see, bright 12" display
  • Extensive adjustable button features including visual and auditory feedback and highlight
  • Advanced, intelligent word prediction option for faster message generation
  • Chat history feature for easy retrieval of common messages
  • Message banking
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Peace of mind with our TTMT360 all-inclusive 3-year warranty*


  • Direct select via touch
  • Available eye gaze options
  • Available head tracking***
  • 1- and 2- step switch scanning with joystick options available
  • Mount to wheelchair, table, bed and more
  • Custom keyguards available

Communication Software and Vocabulary/Page Set Options

Communicate with ease using one of our robust vocabulary options. Options range from symbol-based vocabulary sets of any size, with core and fringe words, to text-based vocabulary sets with intelligent word predition. All options are powered by Grid 3 and easy to customize. Choices include AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower®, TTMT proprietary vocabulary sets and more!

list of communication software

Voice and Message Banking

It's easy to personalize your speech-generating device using your own recorded voice for your future communication needs. You can create your own new, synthesized voice through multiple recordings collected over time. We will support your efforts with seamless integration of your banked voice through softwares such as Model Talker, My-Own-Voice, Voice Keeper, and more! We’ll provide you with guidance on getting your new synthecized voice onto your device.

voice and message banking app

Eye Gaze Options

These cameras are among the most precise, portable and powerful eye gaze technologies available.

zuvo 12 with tangerine orange skin
zuvo 12 with donuts skin
zuvo 12 with farm animals skin
zuvo 12 with ocean skin
zuvo 12 with statue of liberty skin

Personalization Options

Show off your personality on your communication device with one of our amazing skins!

zuvo 12 with switch interface

Switch Scanning

Pair your Zuvo device with switch scanning technology.***

zuvo 12 with head tracking

Head Tracking

Pair your Zuvo device with head tracking technology.***

zuvo 12 with keyguard

Custom Keyguards

Add a TTMT custom keyguard for additional accuracy on the touch-screen display. High-contrast keygaurds also available.***

TTMT Dual PowerBanks

Unlimited Power

TTMT Dual PowerBanks™ provide endless communication with one PowerBank charging while the other powers the device. Keep one at home, send one to school or work. Or tuck both in your backpack for a road trip for up to 28.5 hours of consistent power without charging.** Add TTMT Dual PowerBanks to keep you in charge of your speech 24/7. Contact us for details. Additional costs apply.

service and support icon

Service & Support

All the support, training and guidance you need to begin speaking as quickly as possible.

vocabulary options icon

Vocabulary Options

Powered by Grid 3, choices include: AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, and TTMT Proprietary Vocabulary/Page Sets: OnWord, UniversalCore, Zoom, QuickStep, QuickStep CVI/VI and more!

warranty icon


The best in the business!
Have peace of mind with our
3-year warranty.*

alternate access icon

Alternate Access

Touch, switch scanning, and head tracking compatible. Eye gaze available for Zuvo 12 and Zuvo 16. Contact us for options.

word prediction icon

Word Prediction

Speed up communication with advanced word, grammar and symbol prediction!

personalization icon


Show off your personality with one of our amazing skins and personal messaging.

Customer Reviews

"Hope and Confidence"

We are glad we were recommended to your company! You have given my mom hope and confidence again. Rachel Meester (M.S. CCC-SLP) has been a joy to work with! She has been so patient, understanding, knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. The initial setup and training went very well and the continued support with the device is and will be very beneficial. We are so grateful!

- Thriving Zuvo 12 Communicator

"Patient and Kind"

The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Hillary (AAC Consultant) goes above and beyond and whenever I call in for support they are patient and kind.

- Happy Zuvo 12 Communicator

"Wonderful Technology"

A wonderful technology for ALS patients and it's free! Couldn't ask for more.

- Delighted Zuvo 12 Communicator

Look family of software

Fun and motivating activities that can be enjoyed by anyone who uses eye gaze systems

Ability Drive icon

Ability Drive

now compatible with all eye gaze options

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