New communication board at Place to Play Park
communication board

All-Inclusive park now open in Cedar Falls, Iowa!

We are thrilled to have contributed in a way that highlights what we do best!

When we heard about Beau's Beautiful Blessings Place to Play Park, an all-inclusive park that was under construction, we wanted to give non-verbal park-goers a voice by installing an easy-to-use, low tech form of communication. The 7-foot wide communication board stands just 3-feet tall so children and wheelchairs have easy access. It also has braille. Through the use of bright colors, meaningful illustrations and clever arrangement, our seasoned development team was able to generate a layout that is as functional as it is creative and eye-catching!

“We were at the park tonight to film a segment for an upcoming news story on the park. My son Beau is nonverbal and has a device from TTMT but he didn’t have it on the playground. He walked over to your beautiful sign and pointed to the basketball hoop and we played ❤️ Thank you to all involved at TTMT for your very generous donation and time in designing this. You listened to our vision and made it a reality and it works! I can’t thank you enough."
- Amanda (Weichers)

Communication board at place to play park in cedar falls

We are so happy we were able to team up to create this one-of-a-kind, life size communication board. This playground is really something special! After five years of planning and building, dreams have come true for many in Cedar Falls and the surrounding communities. Congratulations from all of us here at TTMT!

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