Wireless Optimax Joystick

Sale price$ 435.00


The Optimax Joystick is is the first wireless joystick specifically designed for users with motor skill difficulties. With an operating range in excess of 32 feet, it is ideal for individuals with motor control difficulties unable to access a touchscreen or control a traditional mouse.

The OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick is specifically designed for cursor movement to respond to the lightest touch (0.5 Newtons) for accurate, cursor navigation and precise targeting of objects on the computer screen.

  • Three different handles included!
  • Interference free operating range exceeding 32 feet.
  • Responds to the lightest touch.
  • Ideal for use in group sessions or classroom settings.
  • Receiver unit with two additional sockets.
  • Precise tracking and cursor control.
  • Four cursor speed settings.
  • Low profile provides a natural hand rest for comfortable operation.
  • Large footprint for stability.
  • Sockets allow the left/right click buttons to be operated using your own switches.
  • Left/right and drag lock buttons.
  • Color coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation.
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation

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