keyguard render

TTMT Custom Keyguards

Additional accuracy for the touch-screen display.

Our exclusive, one-of-a-kind custom keyguards can be created in any configuration to match the rows and columns in any vocabulary file.

three keyguards

Custom keyguards are covered by our TTMT 360 3-year all-inclusive warranty.

wego 13A with keyguard

Sleek and functional.

Pressure fitted (magnet free*) into the durable case which allows the keyguard to fit flush within it; there’s no overhang so it looks sleek, but also is a functional feature because it makes it more difficult for a user to pry it off.

*not available for Wego 5A; the Zuvo 12 (non mounted) may need to use magnets or mounting strips in some special instances

zuvo 12 with keyguard

Suited just for you.

Custom elements include: number of keyguard holes, size of keyguard holes, shape of keyguard holes; keyguards can be created to accomodate any vocabulary set. Made of clear, durable acrylic so the screen is fully visible.