Joe Smith

Screenshot link to youtube: I am Joe... I have ALSMeet Joe Smith

During an in-service with Melissa Ollie (speech-language pathologist /AAC consultant), Joe introduces himself and explains how he can hear and understand everything that is being said to him.

Joe communicates with his eyes. A camera attached to his speech-generating device tracks his eye movements and generates speech by words and phrases on the screen that he "pauses" on to select with his eyes.

In the earlier stages of his diagnosis, we worked with Joe to record special phrases in his own voice (a process known as voice message banking). The recordings were saved to the device so Joe has the ability to access them at any time. For example, "see you soon" and "I love you." When asked how she felt about it, his wife said "it's nice to hear his voice, it's been a long time since we've heard it."

The eyespeak eye-tracking communication system is an exclusive speech-generating device manufactured and distributed by Talk To Me Technologies for adults and children with complex communication needs.

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