iSwitch, Bluetooth Switch Access for iDevices

Sale price$ 230.00


iSwitch - Bluetooth Switch Access for iDevices. It provides comprehensive scanning switch access to all switch accessible Apps and Switch Control option in iOS7.iSwitch allows for fast and simple wireless connection to an iDevice using Bluetooth 2.1. 


  • Small footprint (only 3") and low profile.
  • Built-in switch with light touch activation.
  • Option for two additional wired switches.
  • Access to all switch accessible Apps and Switch Control options in iOS7.
  • Access to music, media, still and video photography.
  • 24 Pre-Programmed mouse/keyboard commands.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Choice of colored tops (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green).
  • Works with iPad®, iPad® mini, iPod® (3rd generation and later), iPhone® (iOS 5.0 onwards).

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