BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

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Product Number: 10000025

A large, wired proximity sensor switch that activates when a user’s body is within 1-in/2.5 cm of the switch top. Features visual and auditory feedback, and a 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono switch plug. Mounting arm and plate sold separately.

The NEW BIG Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is just as great as the LITTLE Candy Corn proximity sensor switch, but almost twice the size and with new features! BIG Candy Corn is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch from the user to activate. Simply wave a hand or move your body within 1-in/2.5-cm of BIG Candy Corn and it activates. 

Larger activation area that is approximately 3.5-in/9-cm wide (80% wider than the LITTLE Candy Corn!)

Easier to activate – activates when the user is within 1-in/2.5-cm of the switch top or with a light touch

Auditory beep and visual feedback can be turned on and off
Includes replaceable CR2430 battery that will last approximately 150,000 activations.

Internal magnet for mounting, or use the two threaded inserts to mount with the AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate (sold separately)

Please note, in high humidity or temperatures below 23 Fahrenheit/-5 Celsius, BIG Candy Corn may not work as intended and could lock in an always activated state or not activate at all. For high humidity scenarios, turn BIG Candy Corn off for 10-minutes to allow it to adapt to the surrounding climate. In extreme cold scenarios, BIG Candy Corn will need to be turned off until it can be used in a warmer setting.

Activation Type: Proximity Sensor
Activation Surface Size: Medium (2.5-in to 3.5-in or 6.35-cm to 8.89-cm)
Activation Force: N/A
Travel Before Activation: N/A
Feedback: Auditory, Visual
Connection Type: 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono plug
Battery Type: CR2430
Mounting Plate: Internal Magnet, AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate
HCPCS Code: E2599
Product Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty

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