Zuvo Tutorial Videos: Grid

We have many ways to help you become more comfortable using your Zuvo speech-generating device.

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Talk to Support

Our customer care team can help with everything from troubleshooting to advanced editing. Call 877.392.2299 #3 or...


Training is available to your entire team! Together, we'll come up with a plan that includes fun assignments designed to help everyone become comfortable with the device.

View & Print Guides

Guides cover everything from basic charging and the location of power and volume to advanced editing features.

Navigate Editing Mode

Access Edit Mode and adjust commands, styles, layouts, and more.

Change Button Label, Message & Image

Change the words on a button, as well as the message that's spoken aloud when the button is pressed. Learn how to change the image on a button to a different symbol, and how to take a picture with the Zuvo camera.

Create & Link New Pages

Create new, custom pages in your vocabulary set. In this example, Haylee will show you how to create a new page for "teams" that links with button actions to a new, customized vocabulary page with items from a restaurant menu.

Copy & Paste Buttons

Learn how to move buttons on a page from one location to another, and copy and paste buttons to another page in the vocabulary set.

Change Pronunciation

Learn how to tweak the pronunciation of words so they sound more natural when they are spoken (example: faheeta vs. fajita).

Edit Word Lists

Manage vocabulary categories and their contents using word lists (example: adding “mall” to the “places” word list). This is a faster way to generate multiple buttons on a page, rather than adding each word individually.