AlphaCore AAC

AlphaCore text-to-speech

FREE with the purchase of an eyespeak or zuvo speech device*. 
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The AlphaCore text-to-speech AAC program for the eyespeak and zuvo speech devices helps to speed and facilitate communication for non-verbal, literate users with a wide variety of access needs like those with ALS/MND. AlphaCore incorporates features proven effective by research and inspired by the day-to-day experiences of patients and caregivers – and is easy to personalize for each users’ specific communication needs. AlphaCore was developed by Amy Roman, a Speech/Language Pathologist & Augmentative Communication Specialist at the Forbes Norris ALS Research and Treatment Center in San Francisco, CA.

AlphaCore provides 4 keyboards designed to
maximize efficiency and speed for users.

Easily integrates with voice and message banking files.

1) TouchType Keyboard

For people who are typing on either an external-wireless keyboard or the eyespeak and zuvo speech device touchscreen. The TouchType keyboard has a major advantage over other text to speech programs in that all of the functions such as CLEAR, SPEAK, an Altering Chime, as well as word & phrase prediction options can be activated with F-Keys on the external-wireless keyboard. 

AlphaCore Touch Type Keyboard


2) AlphaCore Keyboard

Core vocabulary is a small set of high-usage words that account for about 75% of the words we say.

Designed for those using an alternate access method such as a mouse, touchpad, trackball, joystick, head or eye-tracking. The AlphaCore keyboard provides rapid sentence building with single hit selection of high frequency core vocabulary.


AlphaCore - Core Words Keyboard


3) Large Keyboard

Ideal for people with visual or targeting difficulties or those who just prefer a simple keyboard with word prediction. This keyboard still provides access to the phase pages used with the TouchType or AlphaCore Keyboard so a transition to this keyboard is seamless.

AlphaCore Large Keyboard


4) Extra Large Keyboard

16 key keyboard incorporating next letter prediction as well as word and phrase prediction. Eye trackers especially those with decreased ability to control eye movement can continue to interact with a system that just seems to be guessing what you are going to say. 

AlphaCore Extra Large Keyboard


Additional Vocabulary/Page Set Samples

Time and Scheduling
AlphaCore - Core Vocabulary (Time and Scheduling)

AlphaCore - Core Vocabulary (Things)

AlphaCore Video Overview - Keyboards

AlphaCore Video Overview - Keyboards

Personalizing AlphaCore - Part 1

Personalizing AlphaCore - Part 1

Personalizing AlphaCore - Part 2
Storing Message Buttons

Personalizing AlphaCore - Part 2

*Limited time offer. With the purchase of a new eyespeak and zuvo speech-device, AlphaCore will be included at no additional cost. A $149.99 value.