Drive your wheelchair using your speech device

Talk To Me Technologies and Tolt Technologies are teaming to provide more independence for our customers with limited motor ability on the eyespeak inspo, with Ability Drive – a cutting edge software to pair with our eyespeak devices to provide onscreen controls for your wheelchair.
zuvo 12 with eyespeak and eyspeak inspo communicators: Ready to go, out of the box!
Existing communicators with various eyespeak models: Contact us to get started!
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Talk To Me Technologies Speech-Generating Devices

with compatible cameras include Ability Drive software and are ready to connect with your compatible wheelchair and Ability Drive hardware out of the box.

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Contact an Ability Drive approved mobility provider in your area.

They will assist you with purchasing and connecting the required Ability Drive hardware components to your compatible wheelchair.

Talk To Me Technologies exclusive vocabulary
sets are Ability Drive ready out of the box!

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Get Started

Contact us and an AAC Consultant will reach out to you to learn about your communication needs.

Request a Loan

A complimentary loan of one of our exclusive devices is available to you.