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Recipe for Success!

Fun in the kitchen. Baking cookies with eyegaze.

With cerebral palsy (CP), it is difficult for Audrey to speak and hold objects with her hands. With the help of her mom and her speech device with eye-tracking, she is not only participating in this activity, she's the BOSS!

Mom (Kate) and twin sister (Maddie) engage Audrey by using a combination of  techniques, including sign language and “modeling” (using the speech device to demonstrate communication to Audrey).

Audrey’s speech device is equipped with eye-tracking, which follows her movements and allows her to “select” buttons on her screen by blinking when she looks at the button she wants to “click.”  Her device is personalized with custom vocabulary, which is pre-loaded with all of the words needed to participate in this activity, like "measure, mix, pour, and bake."

Audrey can stir the dough on her own when participating. Her mom Kate models the activity with her hands, incorporating sign language and directs Audrey to virtually "stir" the dough on her speech device, which has been customized with baking vocabulary, with pictures of everything she needs to participate!

With this combination, Audrey is engaged, and included in this everyday home activity. She is not only proud to be calling the shots, she is also learning language!

Audrey is using the zuvo™ 12 with eyespeak™ alli camera
. Her device features a TTMT exclusive vocabulary/page set personalized by TTMT for Audrey with her favorite activities; toys, foods, and hobbies (including baking) and more!


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  • November 11, 2020
  • Talk To Me Technologies
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