Wego 10W
AAC device
Communicate with ease!
Flexible options

Powerful language and communication!

Nova Chat 7
Nova Chat 10
Easy to use!

Powerful language and communication!

Nova Chat 5
Nova Chat 7
Nova Chat 10

eyespeak 12

Communication System
Next generation eyegaze control!
Extremely precise!

Powerful language and communication!

Communicate with ease!

Zuvo 12
AAC device
Flexible options
Communicate with ease!

Powerful language and communication!

Zuvo 18HD
Speech Device

18″ high definition display provides stunning clarity for optimum visibility.

One of the largest, thinnest and fastest dedicated
speech-generating devices available!

AAC Device
....just type and talk!
simple to use...
ChatBox 40xt
AAC device
Communicate with ease!

Flexible - 10 or 40 locations

Flexible - touch or 1 & 2 switch scanning

Flexible - digitized and synthesized speech

Pogo Boards App
Symbol communication

Text communication

Medical communication

Visual Scene Displays

Social Stories

Design and share online

Access to millions of symbols/images

Multilingual - 42 different voices

Cloud based - no hassle with discs

Welcome to Talk To Me Technologies

When we lose our ability to communicate, we lose bits and pieces of ourselves, which is why the following statistic about augmentative communication is so maddening:
It is estimated that only 7% of the child population that could benefit from an augmentative communication device actually receives the help, and only 3% of the adult population who could benefit, receive this kind of help.
Talk To Me Technologies  will work one-on-one with you to determine an appropriate communication device to best suit you.  We work with a variety of devices and levels of technology, suitable for a wide range of ages and needs.
Payment for communication devices is obtained from Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. We will work with you throughout this process and will submit the necessary forms.
We are determined to help you.  We want your response to be loud and clear the next time someone says: “Talk to me.”
In addition to specializing in speech-generating devices, we also offer speech-related services, including:

           ✓ Augmentative communication consultation/evaluation support
           ✓ Augmentative communication therapy
           ✓ Various augmentative communication in-services, workshops and seminars
           ✓ Traditional speech therapy services
Thank you for taking a look at our web site!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.