Voice and Message Banking

Your voice is a precious gift and such an important part of your identity. If you recieve a diagnosis that may lead to partial or complete loss of speech, it is very difficult to think about a future without your voice.

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Voice Banking

Voice Banking uses your natural voice to create a synthetic voice that can be saved for later use on a speech-generating device (SGD). This will allow the SGD to produce a voice that sounds a lot like your natural voice.

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  • Acapela Group
  • Model Talker
  • SpeakUnique


    Line up the essential resources you will need!

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • External microphone or headset
  • Internet connection
  • A quiet space
  • Time (5-15 hours, depending on company)


Integrate your banked voice with your TTMT device!
Once your synthesized voice file is uploaded to your TTMT device, the speech output from the device will sound like you, rather than the default voice.

Message Banking

Message Banking is the process of digitally recording words, phrases, sentences, and personally meaningful sounds and/or stories using your natural voice, inflection, and intonation to be saved for later use on a speech-generating device (SGD). This will allow the SGD to produce your recorded messages verbatim.

If you have been diagnosed with ALS, Team Gleason has a funding application for Acapela Group & Model Talker. If you are a veteran, contact your local VA regarding potential funding options.


What is the difference between voice and message banking?

With voice banking, your SGD will “speak” any message that you type in your synthesized voice. With message banking, your SGD will play the specific recorded message, exactly as you recorded it.

Which do I do?

It is a great idea to do both!

When do I start?

When you are ready. When your voice is the strongest, often earlier in the day.

What if I’ve already lost my voice or my voice has changed?

Have a family member or friend bank for you. Alternatively, use the services provided through VOCALiD or SpeakUnique, such as Voice Repair, Voice Design, or BeSpoke Voice.

Still have questions?

Contact your local AAC Consultant for assistance!

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Here to Help

At Talk To Me Technologies, we support your efforts with seamless integration of your banked messages and new synthesized voice. If you’ve invested the time and care in recording, we will invest the time to personalize and customize your Talk To Me Technologies’ speech-generating device with your messages and voice. In addition, we’ll provide you with guidance and instructions on banking more messages within your new speech-generating device.

Funding through Medicare, Medicaid, and most private Insurance programs^

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