Early Communication Development - AAC

Early Communication Development - Speech, Language, & Communication.

A presentation by Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital.

This 70-page PDF is an excellent A-Z resource for parents and professional Speech-Language Pathologists!

  • Learn about the typical development of language in children 0-3.
  • Strategies for promoting communication skills.
  • Identifying common myths about AAC and when/how to introduce AAC strategies.
  • Who is a candidate for AAC?
  • & more.

Early Communication Development - AAC


Courtesy of John Costello, MA, CCC-SLP. Director, Augmentative Communication Program, Adjunct faculty Boston University, MGH Institute of Health Professionals.

Presented by: Mia Grossman, MS, CCC-SLP Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Communication Enhancement and Elizabeth N. Rose, MA, CCC-SLP II Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Communication Enhancement Augmentative Communication Program.

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