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zuvo 16-D

$ 7,900.00
Following purchase, you'll be connected with an AAC Consultant in your area to help with the selection of available options and personalization of your device prior to shipment.


Smarter, faster communication with more access options, advanced word prediction and easy-to-edit vocabulary/page set options.

• 16-inch touchscreen display

• Lightweight - 5 lbs

• Battery Life*: up to 15 hours (standard)

• TTMT Bluetooth Speaker (SPKR)

The zuvo™ 16-D has a wide variety of access options to choose from, including the following, and more!

Standard Model with FLEXstand™ and ECU

zuvo 16-D with eyespeak™ camera
zuvo 16-D with eyespeak inspo™ camera

Head Tracking
(ask us about options)

Vocabulary/Page Set Options

Many core and phrase-based page options for children and adults. All options are easy to customize and edit! Powered by Grid 3, choices include AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower®, TTMT Proprietary Vocabulary/Page Sets and more!

zuvo 16 PLUS**
Difficult tasks made easy

With Zuvo Control ECU, you can control your phone, TV, lights and more from your device. Almost anything that plugs into a wall outlet can be controlled with the zuvo. You can also control your smart speaker right from the device.

Listen to music, add to your story on Instagram and Facebook, browse the Washington Post, or write your own book and publish it.

Voice and Message Banking

It's easy to personalize your speech-generating device using your own recorded messages for your future communication needs. You can also create your own new, synthesized voice through multiple recordings collected over time. 

We support your efforts with seamless integration of your banked messages and/or your new synthesized voice. If you’ve invested the time and care in recording, we will invest the time to personalize and customize your device with your messages and voice. In addition, we’ll provide you with guidance and instructions on banking more messages within your new speech-generating device. Compatible with voices created with popular voice/message banking software Model Talker, My-Own-Voice and more!

Available Options

Service & Support

All the support, training and guidance you need to begin speaking as quickly as possible.

Advanced Word Prediction

Word Prediction

Speed up communication with intelligent word, grammar and symbol prediction!

Accessibility Options

Alternate Access

The zuvo 16-D offers more access options than ever before! Head mouse, switch scanning or auditory scanning
and auditory fishing.



The best in the business!
Peace of mind with our
all-inclusive 3-year warranty.1

Advanced Word Prediction

Page Set Options

Powered by Grid 3, choices include: AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, and TTMT Proprietary Vocabulary/Page Sets: OnWord, UniversalCore, Zoom, QuickStep, QuickStep CVI/VI and more!

Advanced Word Prediction

Sounding Voices

Express yourself with the most natural sounding voices available! Choices include
Acapela, Nuance, RealSpeak, Cereproc and more. Voice and Message Banking available. Compatible with voices created with popular voice/message banking software Model Talker, My-Own-Voice and more!



The TTMT Bluetooth speaker (SPKR) provides super power in voice amplification to ensure the user can be heard in noisy environments. Magnetically attached to the  device, it can be also be removed and worn on a lanyard, or moved within a range of 30'

Camera for photos


Snap a photo using the onboard camera! Personalize your device with your own custom photos for communication and visual scenes!

Advanced Word Prediction


Custom wheelchair, table and floor stands available.

AAC vocabularty and personalization


Show off your personality with one of our amazing skins and your own personal messages so you can begin communicating right away!

Advanced Word Prediction

Symbol Libraries

SymbolStix®, PCS,
Widget & Snaps.

Personalization Options

For both children and adults.

Show off your personality with our amazing skins!

See our available skins

Simple yet Powerful

Say what you want! Communicate with speed and confidence using this extra-large, easy-to-use, speech-generating device! The innovative detachable speaker can be easily removed and placed on a table or worn around the neck for easy, face-to-face communication.

Lightweight and Flexible

Take the zuvo 16-D anywhere! It's lightweight, durable and portable. It's compact size makes it a great fit for individuals needing a lightweight, large-screened, speech-generating device. Many different access options available such as eye-tracking, head-tracking, trackball, switch scanning and more, making it a great solution for users with difficulty accessing the touch screen.

Who is the zuvo 16-D for?

The zuvo 16-D is an ideal communication solution for children and adults with significant communication difficulties resulting from Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, ALS, stroke or anyone needing a lightweight, portable communication device with an extra-large screen.

Communication options range from very simple, symbol-based vocabulary sets to more advanced keyboards, incorporating word and phrase prediction, as well as core word and phrase-based pages. Much of the vocabulary content draws from and incorporates the research of TTMT professionals and other industry experts.


  • Loud-powerful voice output makes it easy to be heard in noisy environments.
  • Natural sounding male, female and child voice options from Acapela, Nuance, RealSpeak, Cereproc and more.
  • Detachable Bluetooth speaker (TTMT SPKR) with a range of up to 30 feet.
  • Digitized (recorded speech) – great for voice and message banking and recording verbal emoticons such as laughter, and other personal expressions. 

Features and Available Options

  • Windows operating system.
  • Easy to see, bright 16" HD display.
  • Lightweight – only 5 lbs.
  • Intelligent word prediction option – enables faster typing/communication.
  • Abbreviation expansion option enables faster communication.
  • Up to 15 hours of use.
  • Easy backup/restore.


  • Touch screen.
  • Auditory Fishing.
  • Auditory Scanning.
  • Head-tracking.
  • Mouse alternatives (trackball, joystick, etc.).
  • Scanning using multiple switches.
  • Attach/mount to wheelchair, table, bed etc.

Getting Started


Speak to a Speech-Language Pathologist /
AAC Consultant in your area.

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*Estimated, average battery life. Individual use varies. **Speech-Generating Devices may be ordered with -D (dedicated/locked) or -PLUS (unlocked) designations. -D devices meet the E2510 guidelines of most insurance programs and are dedicated for communication purposes only. -PLUS devices provide access to additional features including email and phone/text, internet, environmental controls and more. -D devices may be unlocked following purchase for a small fee. Contact us for more details.

1Contact us for complete details on warranty coverage. Grid 3, AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, SymbolStix, Widget, PCS, Snaps, Windows, Acapela, Nuance, RealSpeak and Cereproc are copyright of their respective owners.