Vinyl Communication Board

Size: Small
Vocabulary Layout: Social Story
Mounting: Grommets
Sale price$ 59.00


Vinyl Communication Boards
for parks, playgrounds, schools and more!

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A big thank you to the collaboration between Allyson Schwab and Talk To Me Technologies for providing our playgrounds...

Posted by Cedar Falls Preschool on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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  1. TTMT Core + Fringe Communication boards were designed with inclusion in mind, providing easy, convenient access to the most common words used to communicate across multiple settings.
  2. Created by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists and Vocabulary Design Specialists with 50+ years of combined experience working with AAC.
  3. Logically categorized by their parts of speech, TTMT Core + Fringe Communication Boards inspire confidence while building skills to engage in conversation and enhance literacy.

    Now available in four layouts!

    Social Story

    #InclusionMatters. Designed to introduce communication via a speech-generating device in a fun way!

    social story communication board example
    Click to zoom.

    Sponsor Recognition

    Add your custom logo or provide recognition to your fundraising team! Also includes up to 10 custom vocabulary words/symbols.

    sponsor recognition communication board example
    Click to zoom.

    American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet

    Expand your inclusion even further by featuring an ASL alphabet for kiddos who depend on specific visual cues.

    American sign language communication board example
    Click to zoom.

    ASL Alphabet with Sponsor Recognition

    Feature the ASL alphabet while still giving a shout-out to your contributors!

    American sign language with sponsor recognition communication board example
    Click to zoom.

    What's Included?

    communication board example

    • Durable, weather resistant vinyl for wall or fence installation.
    • Grommets and/or velcro wall tabs for mounting.
    • Available sizes: Small (50"x13"), Medium (70"x19"), and Large (90"x24").
    • Exclusive images from the TTMT Spark™ Symbol Library.
    • Your choice of one of 3 board options: Playground, Gym or School.
    • Available in English, Spanish and Bilingual (Spanish and English).
    • Customize up to 10 words/symbols of your choice for an additional $99! (Add your own toys, equipment, etc. see below for more details!)
    • Personalize your communication board with your organization's logo and/or website! Take it a step further and recognize a sponsor with their logo and/or website! Upload vector AI/EPS or high-res JPG/PNG files for guaranteed quality.

    Organization and Vocabulary Options

    Vocabulary design inspired by ground-breaking research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!  Core words combined with Fringe vocabulary provide consistency while offering the flexibility of activity-specific vocabulary at your fingertips.

    Core Words and Phrases

    The same core words and phrases are used in a fixed location to provide consistency from board to board improving communication efficiency.

    communication board with core words and phrases highlighted
    Click to zoom.

    Fringe Words

    Activity-specific Fringe vocabulary options provide additional flexibility when boards are placed in multiple settings: the gym, outside on the playground, in a classroom, hallway…anywhere!

    communication board with fringe words highlighted
    Click to zoom.

    Customize any 10 images for an additional $99.

    Want to include your own words, or images of your school or playground equipment? No problem! Just snap a photo and include it with your word and image customization form. We’ll create an illustrative version to match the existing style of the images of our Spark™ Symbol Library. (Note: 2-3-week additional turn-around time for customization).

    Download customization form

    customization form preview

    Price includes single-sided vinyl banner and your choice of 1 of the following 3 communication boards in your choice of Social Story, Sponsor Recognition, ASL Alphabet or ASL Alphabet with Sponsor Recognition:

    Core + Fringe (Classroom)

    core and fringe classroom communication board

    Core + Fringe (Playground)

    core and fringe playground communication board

    Core + Fringe (Gym/PE)

    core and fringe gym communication board

    Spark™ Symbols ©Talk To Me Technologies, LLC.

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