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Quha Zono Mouse

$ 1,099.00



Quha Zono wireless, lightweight gyroscopic mouse provides accurate and intuitive computer access using small head movements. 

Easy, plug and play for instant access to your speech-device, computer or smartphone!



  • Quha Zono mouse
  • USB receiver
  • Universal clip
  • USB charging cable
  • Adapter to connect two switches
  • User manual and CD Warranty card
  • Zono button adapter
  • Quha velcro band


  • Windows and Android computers, tablets and smartphones.Micro USB adapter ($29) is required for Android devices.
  • Talk To Me Technologies speech devices: Wego 10W, Zuvo12/Zuvo 18, eyespeak 12HD/eyespeak 18HD.
Limited Compatibility
  • Talk To Me Technologies Wego 10A, Wego 7A speech-generating devices.
  • Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).


Note: Does not include a headband, neckband, baseball cap, or eyeglass/eyewear attachment. See all Quha Zono mouse accessories >

Maria's Story 
(a Quha Zono mouse user)

Watch the set-up video