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Post Mount Communication Board

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Post Mount Communication Board
for parks, playgrounds, schools and more!

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  • TTMT Core + Fringe Communication boards were designed with inclusion in mind, providing easy, convenient access to the most common words used to communicate across multiple settings.

  • Created by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists and Vocabulary Design Specialists with 50+ years of combined experience working with AAC.

  • Logically categorized by their parts of speech, TTMT Core + Fringe Communication Boards inspire confidence while building skills to engage in conversation and enhance literacy.


What's Included?

  • Aluminum board with a corrugated plastic core for stability and strength.
  • Available sizes: Small (50"x13"), Medium (70"x19"), and Large (90"x24").
  • Choice of single- or double-sided.
  • Exclusive images from the TTMT Spark™ Symbol Library.
  • Your choice of one of 3 board options: Playground, Gym or School.
  • Available in English, Spanish and Bilingual (Spanish and English).
  • Customize up to 10 words/symbols of your choice for an additional $99! (Add your own toys, equipment, etc. see below for more details!)
  • Posts and installation are not included.

Organization and Layout Options

Vocabulary design inspired by ground-breaking research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!  Core words combined with Fringe vocabulary provide consistency while offering the flexibility of activity-specific vocabulary at your fingertips.


Core Words

The same Core Words are used in a fixed location to provide consistency from board to board improving communication efficiency.

Fringe Words

Activity-specific Fringe vocabulary options provide additional flexibility when boards are placed in multiple settings: the gym, outside on the playground, in a classroom, hallway…anywhere!

Customize any 10 images for an additional $99.

Want to include your own words, or images of your school or playground equipment? No problem! Just snap a photo and include it with your word and image customization form. We’ll create an illustrative version to match the existing style of the images of our Spark™ Symbol Library. (Note: 2-3-week additional turn-around time for customization).

Click here to download customization form

Price includes single- or double-sided board, optional U-brackets for mounting, and your choice of 1 of the following 3 communication boards, or 2 of 3 if double-sided.

View 3-page PDF with English, Spanish and Bilingual Options

Core + Fringe (Classroom)

Core + Fringe (Playground)

Core + Fringe (Gym/PE)

Spark™ Symbols ©Talk To Me Technologies, LLC.

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