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- For ALS Awareness Month -
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Just point and communicate! 

Pointello provides a quick and easy way to communicate medical requests, basic needs and common words and phrases. 


How it works.

 Just attach the communication board to a wall, turn on the laser and let communication begin! 

  • Attach an access switch for independent control of turning the Pointello laser on and off.
  • If no switch is used, a convenient on/off switch is located on the laser.

With virtually no training or set-up required, Pointello can instantly relieve the fear and anxiety of not being able to communicate.

  • Hospital stays (post-operative and in-patient care).
  • Long-term care facilities.
  • ALS & veteran care clinics.
  • Doctor’s offices.
  • In the home as a back-up communication system.


What’s Included? 

Your choice of one of the following
wall-mount communication boards:

1) Medical Communication Board

  • 60+ of the most common phrases used to communicate medial and other common needs/requests.
  • Numbers 1-10.
  • Letters of the alphabet to spell novel words/messages.
  • Full body front and side profile diagrams to indicate regions of pain or discomfort.
  • Two additional columns for custom messages (marker is included).

2) Core Words or 3) Core Phrases

  • The most common phrases and words used in the English language.
  • Blank cells for custom messages (marker is included).


    Wireless laser-pointer (3 ways to wear!)

    • Headset (with rotating adjustments).
    • Adjustable headband (can also be worn on the wrist).
    • Clip (easily attach to a hat).
    • Switch Access Cable (also for use with a switch latch/timer accessory).


    5 - 8.5 x 11 Portable Communication Boards

    Convenient 2-sided, laminated medical communication boards are included with every Pointello Communication System.



    This product contains a laser pointing device (Class 2 Laser Product -- < 1mw). Do not stare into beam. 

    This item is not a toy. Talk To Me Technologies, LLC is not responsible for any injury resulting from improper use.