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Mini Beamer Transmitter & Mini Beamer Receiver Wireless Switch Kit

$ 250.00



A wireless switch kit featuring the Mini Beamer Transmitter and Mini Beamer Receiver gives you everything you need to start using a wireless switch.

The new Mini Beamer transmitter and receiver both come with a modern look, small form factor, rechargeable battery. It has proximity sensor activation surface, and external switch jack. Proximity sensor will activate when an individual is within 10-millimeters of the activation surface. The transmitter and receiver provides the same great functionality as the SLAT receiver and digital display.

Mini Beamer Transmitter and Mini Beamer Receiver Specifications
Activation Type: Proximity Sensor
Activation Surface Size: Medium (1.5-in to 2.5-in or 3.81-cm to 6.35-cm)
Activation Force: N/A
Travel Before Activation No
Feedback: Auditory, Visual
Connection Type: AbleNet Wireless
Battery Type: Built-in/Rechargeable
Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate