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Jelly Beamer Twist Switch Transmitter & Original Receiver

$ 190.00



The Jelly Beamer wireless switch brings reliable, immediate switch access without the hassle of cords. Multiple Jelly Beamers can be used in the same room at the same time, from as far away as 30 feet, without interference. Our Original Receivers function just like a traditional switch. Plug in the receiver, and go. The Original Receiver allows control of a computer switch interface or single device.

For complete product information please see the Jelly Beamer and Original Receiver product pages.


Activation Type: Pressure
Activation Surface Size: Medium (1.5-in to 2.5-in or 3.81-cm to 6.35-cm)
Activation Force: 2.5-oz (71-g)
Travel Before Activation: 0.015-in (0.0381-cm)
Feedback: Auditory, Tactile, Visual
Compatibility: No
Connection Type: AbleNet Wireless
Battery Type: No
Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate