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Gooseneck Mount with Pneumatic (Sip/Puff) Mounting Plate

$ 200.00



Product Number: 7004005010

The Gooseneck Mount has a range/reach of 19-in/48-cm and can hold up to 1-lb/0.5-kg. Use the Super Clamp to mount to any surface.

The Gooseneck mounting arm allows for easy mounting of the Pneumatic (Sip/Puff) Switch using the included Mounting Plate. Order online or by phone to choose the appropriate switch Connection and Clamp for your needs.

Gooseneck Mounting System features:

  • Utilizes Super Clamp for mounting to a table, chair, bed, or just about any other surface
  • Includes one Mounting Plate: Pneumatic (Sip/Puff) Switch Mounting Plate

Gooseneck Mounting System technical specifications:

  • Mounted Products Max Weight: 1-lb/0.5-kg
  • Mounting Surfaces: Table Edge (2-in max), Tubing
  • Articulation (Positional Range): Medium
  • Positional Rigidity (Strength): Low
  • Range/Reach: 19-in/48-cm
  • Maintenance Period Adjustment: Yes
  • Base Connection Method: Super Clamp
  • Weight: 1.5-lb/0.7-kg
  • Cord Management: Yes

Mounting Arm Reach 19-in
Mounting Arm Reach - Metric 48-cm
Maximum Weight of Mounted Device 1-lb
Maximum Weight of Mounted Device - Metric 0.5-kg
Adjustability - # of Pivot Points 1 pivot point
Mounting Arm Material Brass
Mounting Arm Base Super Clamp
Device Compatibility No
Mounting Plate Connector 1/4-in-20 threaded rod
Mounting Plate Receiver 1/4-in-20 threaded insert
Mounting Plate Pneumatic Mounting Plate
iDevice Mounting Cradles and Plates No
Weight - Metric 0.7-kg (arm Only)
Weight 1.5-lb (arm only)