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BIG Step by Step Choice w/ Levels

$ 195.00



BIG Step-by-Step Choice

BIG Step-by-Step Choice with Levels provides an exciting option for easy-tech, quick-ready communication. Unlike the BIG Step-by-Step or BIG Step-by-Step with Levels, the BIG Step-by-Step Choice with Levels allows you to skip over a message without it playing in its entirety. By pressing the activation surface repeatedly, you can skip over multiple messages to get to your desired message. When you find the message you are looking for, stop pressing the activation surface and the message will play in its entirety. This is a great tool for answering multiple-choice questions, or communicating desires among a list of options.

BIG Step-by-Step Choice with Levels features:
• Switch tops included: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
• Better-than-ever digital sound
• “Choose your message” choice function

BIG Step-by-Step Choice with Levels technical specifications:
• Messages/Levels: Unlimited Sequential/3
• Recording Time: 4-min.
• Switch Input: 1
• Toy/Appliance Output/ECU: 1
• Activation Surface: 5-in/12.7-cm
• Activation Force: 3-5-oz/85-142-g
• Weight with Battery: 15.5-oz/439-g
• Battery Type: 9-volt
• Accessories Available: Travel strap, Mounting Plate, Interchangeable Switch Tops
• Mounting Connection: Universal Mounting Plate