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BIG Step by Step™ Communicator

$ 165.00



BIG Step-by-Step™

Record any series of messages directly into the BIG Step-by-Step Communicator and press its activation surface for the first message. Press it again and BIG Step-by-Step automatically steps to the next message. With two full minutes of recording time, you can record as many messages as you need, divided any way you like. BIG Step-by-Step features a five-inch activation surface and is recommended for persons who require a larger target area. Powered by a replaceable 9 volt battery – BIG Step-by-Step never needs charging and can last for weeks or even months on a single battery.

BIG Step-by-Step features:
• Switch tops included: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
• Better-than-ever digital sound
• 40% more recording time
• 25% more battery life

BIG Step-by-Step technical specifications:
•Messages/Levels: Unlimited Sequential/1
• Recording Time: 2-min.
• Switch Input: 1
• Toy/Appliance Output/ECU: 1
• Activation Surface: 5-in/12.7-cm
• Activation Force: 3-5-oz/85-142-g
• Weight with Battery: 15.5-oz/439-g
• Battery Type: 9-volt
• Accessories Available: Travel strap, Mounting Plate, Interchangeable Switch Tops
• Mounting Connection: Universal Mounting Plate