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Big Beamer Transmitter & Original Receiver

$ 215.00



Big Beamer & Original Receiver

Product Number: 10033600

A wireless switch kit featuring the Big Beamer and Original Receiver gives you everything you need to start using a wireless switch.
The Big Beamer with the Original Receiver operates with the same stability and freedom of the original Jelly Beamer, but with a large 5-inch activation area. Big Beamer includes four interchangeable twist tops. Change from red to green to yellow to blue within seconds.

Big Beamer Transmitter

Product Number: 10034300

A wireless switch featuring a large 5-in/12.7-cm switch top that provides auditory click, visual, and tactile feedback, and requires 5.5-oz/156-g of force to activate. Wireless receiver required

Original Receiver

Product Number: 10034400

Operating like a traditional switch, simply plug the 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono switch jack into a single device and pair with a wireless switch transmitter to begin using.