zuvo™ -D User Guide

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Hardware and features

zuvo™ 10D Diagram

zuvo™ 10D

zuvo™ 12D  Diagram

zuvo™ 12D

zuvo™ 16D Diagram

zuvo™ 16D

zuvo™ 16D with back power button

(Slide to see diagrams of zuvo models.)


Press this button to turn on and off the device. Tap button once to place in sleep mode and conserve battery life when the zuvo is not in use. The Power may be located on the side instead of the back in some models.


Press toggle to increase and decrease volume. *Volume may be located on the left on zuvo™ 12-D.

Charging the zuvo™

An external battery, TTMT Dual PowerBanks or Charger Extension Cable may be included with your device. Charge the device and PowerBanks at night or when not in use. Connect the device to one of the PowerBanks to extend battery life.

USB/USB-C/Display Port

For connecting accessibility options such as a mouse, keyboard, switch interface. On some models, this is a display port.


Audio input/output for sound feedback, voice and message banking and more.

Reserved for zuvo™ Control ECU

Enables Environmental Control Unit; DO NOT remove.

Import pictures from your computer

Pair the TTMT Speaker (SPKR)

Back-up a grid/vocabulary set

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