AAC System

by Talk To Me Technologies

Why choose the wegowrite™  

Next generation type-to-talk.

Predictable, effortless communication.

The wegowrite™-D with smart word prediction drastically improves typing speed for effortless communication. Keyboard shortcuts provide quick and easy access to expressing emotions, saved phrases and more.

Approved by Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance plans, the wegos are dedicated for communication.

wegowrite™ Device Specifications

  • Choose a magnetic, detachable or permanently attached keyboard
  • 7-inch screen
  • 2.2 lbs
  • Up to 9 hours of battery llife**
  • Portable TTMT Bluetooth Speaker with a range of up to 30'

wegowrite™ PLUS 

list of PLUS capabilities

Stay connected with communication tools like email, social media, music, ebooks, and other entertainment with our PLUS models.^^

wegowrite speech-generating device

Funding through Medicare, Medicaid, and most private Insurance programs^

Learn more about funding

SLPs, we're here to help with vocabulary, access options and more!

Ask about evaluation support

Trial devices are available.

Request a complimentary loan.

Simple and Precise

Communicate with precision, speed and confidence with this easy-to-use, speech generating device! Communicators can type out exactly what they want to say on the attached keyboard. We offer a powerful and portable TTMT Bluetooth Speaker that can be worn on the included lanyard for face-to-face communication.

Portable for your convenience

Take the wegowrite™ anywhere! This device is lightweight, rugged and portable. It's compact size makes it a great fit for communicating in any environment. Generate your messages by touching the screen and typing on a permanently affixed or detachable magnetic keyboard.

Who is the wegowrite™ for?

The wegowrite™ provides a communication solution for children and adults who can read, write, and type on a keyboard. It's ideal for those who want to generate precise messages quickly on a familiar QWERTY keyboard.


  • Natural sounding, synthesized, male, female, adult and child voice options
  • Adjustable volume and wireless speaker make it easily heard in noisy environments

Features and Available Options

  • iOS operating system
  • Lightweight - just 2.2 lbs
  • Easy to see, bright, 7" display
  • Detachable magnetic keyboard or permanently attached
  • Predictable™ language application
  • Adjustable font size
  • Smart word prediction and abbreviation expansion enable faster communication
  • Communicate all day with up to 9 hours of use**
  • Peace of mind with our TTMT360 all-inclusive 3-year warranty*
wegowrite detachable keyboard
wegowrite with candy apple red skin
wegowrite with giraffe skin
wegowrite with jungle animals skin
wegowrite with plants skin

wegowrite™ skins for personalization

Show off your personality and protect your speech device with one of our amazing skins!

predictable vocabulary software emote set

Express yourself!

Sounds and expressions make communication fun and interesting. Use the quick keys to access pre-recorded sounds or record your own!

TTMT 360

Service & Support

All the support, training and guidance you need to begin speaking as quickly as possible.

Vocabulary Options

Exclusive vocabulary sets available for custom use. Contact us for options.


The best in the business!
Have peace of mind with our
3-year warranty.*

Alternate Access

Touch and switch scanning ready. Contact us for head-tracking options.

Word Prediction

Speed up communication with advanced word, grammar and symbol prediction!


Show off your personality with one of our amazing skins and personal messaging.

View all of our large, customizable, communication boards


A Lot To Consider

March 4, 2022

We are so thankful to the entire team who helped with Hunter's new device! There was a lot to discuss an consider when upgrading device and vocabulary... the entire staff were helpful, patient and kind.

- Andrea, for Hunter, wego™ 13A-D communicator

Highly Recommend

March 7, 2022

So thankful for Talk To Me Technologies. This was such an easy process and I would highly recommend this company.

- Satisfied Customer

No Words

March 13, 2022

This no amount of words that can express our gratitude - this has been a life changing event for us. Thanks for your time and patience - customer service is phenomenal!

- Satisfied Customer

Customer Care

Support that helps improve communication


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