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Proudly serving Veterans nationwide.

Meet Joe, Rich and Ralph...

Joe Smith (ALS)

Melissa Ollie, M.S. CCC-SLP (Talk To Me Technologies Minnesota consultant) visits with Joe to hear how he communicates with the eyespeak eye-tracking system.


Richard lost the ability to use his own voice as a result of a car accident. He uses the Wego 10W to communicate on a daily basis - whether he's providing instructions to others, making a phone call or having a casual conversation.

Ralph shows us his humor.

Humor, wit (and pushing his wife's buttons) are a few of the traits that make Ralph (a USA Veteran) who he is. Watch how he uses the Wego 10W to make a joke - the same way he did before ALS took away his ability to speak.

"Both VA clinicians were impressed with the responsiveness of the vendor's systems. Talk To Me is based in Cedar Falls, IA and provides services beyond device selection/delivery including device training/customization."

"Assistive Technology Newsletter" - US Department of Veteran Affairs; Vol. 3 Issue 2, Pg. 7, Fall 2014

Veteran communication systems
include ttmt360 service and support.

Evaluation Support

Our experienced team of Speech Language Pathologists/AAC Consultants are available to support your evaluations. We'll work with the veteran's team to help assess skills and needs related to voice message banking, environmental controls, vocabulary, access methods and mounting. The result is a tailored speech-generating device that supports successful communication across their varied environments.

Evaluation Support



Our mission is to see veterans start communicating using their new speech-generating device as quickly as possible, so we'll do the initial customizing and personalization before shipping it to them! With input from family members and therapists, we'll add a bit of their personality to their device, so the first words spoken have meaning, like "Let's watch the big game!", "Hunny, are you watching QVC AGAIN?", or "I'm a proud Grandfather of ten."

Evaluation Support


Training & Support 

In support of developing confidence and communication success, our expert AAC Consultants/SLPs will provide monthly* consultation to each veteran and their entire support team. From developing skills related to practical use, caregiver support, rate enhancement strategies, access methods, to environment and computer control.

*Monthy consultations are available via a variety of remote methods, including Teleconference, Skype, FaceTime, Web conferencing and remote sharing.

AAC Device Trial


 VA Clinicians - try a device with a Veteran you're working with.