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Universal Core Language Vocabulary Set
Core Vocabulary Speech Bubble

Learning language has never been easier!

Universal Core engages a language learner with vocabulary that is used most frequently! With typical language development in mind, these words can stand alone initially, and later be combined with other core words to create meaningful phrases and sentences without leaving the home page! This approach affords the language learner the opportunity to start with single words and graduate to phrases and sentences when developmentally ready to do so.

Spend your time on what matters most!

Teach language that is used most often in communication! Simply put, "I want apple" can only be used in a situation where an apple is provided, where as "I want that" can be used in a variety of situations, and provide a meaningful communication exchanges all day long. Get more bang for your buck, focus on core, and get the communication flowing faster.  
Universal Core - Language

Language expansion at your finger tips!

Special attention was given to the organization of these words for communication that will grow over time. All words are categorized by their parts of speech, and arranged on the page in a manner that is conducive to sentence building. Additionally, you can expand your sentences and be specific with Fringe Vocabulary close by. 

Research based

Talk To Me Technologies’ exclusive Universal CORE Vocabulary Sets were inspired and approved by the ground breaking research team at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Several studies have reported on the importance of core vocabulary based on frequency of use and flexibility across contexts and partners (Banajee, DiCarlo, & Stricklin, 2003; Beukelman, Jones, & Rowan, 1989; Dennis, Erickson, & Hatch, 2013; Marvin, Beukelman, & Bilyeu, 1994; Trembath, Balandin, & Togher, 2007).

Goal setting activities.

Engage children with the words that represent the things, people and activities they already love. Use your existing library of books* to begin with fun and familiar content while building a foundation for language. Universal Core allows every child's entire support team to engage in learning, including parents and siblings.

Multiple location sets encourage beginners to learn
and grow into independent, confident communicators.

On Zuvo and eyespeak devices, Universal Core Vocabulary Sets range from 25 to 60 cells with word prediction.

Universal CORE 25 (without word prediction)

Universal CORE 36

Universal CORE 56

Universal CORE MAX

On wego A devices, Universal Core Vocabulary Sets range from 24 to 50 cells
(without word prediction).

Universal CORE 24

Universal CORE 40

Universal CORE 50